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City Attorney Lynn Whitfeld, who is black, accused London of gender and racial discrimination a year ago after learning he planned to push for her termination.

 Update 10/18/18: A private eye’s ex-girlfriend accused the mayor of illegal spying in a closed case. Read Here.

Is this the man you want to be an official
representative of Hallandale Beach?
Wake Up!

  • Keith London breaks the Law by secretly meeting the elected officials.

London, Lazarow and Taub allege that the surveillance video in the ad ties the spying campaign to the developer-funded political committee that sponsored it. Read Here!

August 2016: while knocking on doors with candidate Anabelle Taub and Commissioner Michel Lazarow, London spoke of his 2012 campaign strategy to make it seem that his opponent, Joy Cooper, put out news stories that Keith London was living in sin with his then girlfriend, Ilene Sultan. They soon after got married.

This is fake news.. he called the press..


Fake News according to Keith London! Really?
Evidence don’t lie Mr. London.

Mystery citizen wants Florida mayoral candidate punished for ‘lewd’ cohabitation

Keith London, Hallandale Mayoral Candidate, Allegedly ‘Caught’ Breaking Odd Florida Law

Florida Mayor Apologizes To City Commissioner For Making Anal Bleaching Comment

Evan (Ross’) ring of string is latest religious symbol to spur controversy – Sun Sentinel

“Jewish residents of Hallandale do not want Keith London as Mayor”

A private eye’s ex-girlfriend accused the mayor of illegal spying in a closed case.

Keith London VS People

Police union’s attack on Hallandale Mayor Keith London hits the streets. Literally.

A mobile billboard accusing Mayor Keith London of being a racist, sexist bully and urging him to “resign today” made the rounds Saturday, swinging by City Hall and busy Hallandale Beach Boulevard for four hours.

London is in the middle of a race for mayor in the city’s Nov. 6 election, but opponent Joy Adams wasn’t behind the roving billboard.

Instead, the mastermind was a police union upset about a plan to reduce pension benefits, says union leader Jeff Marano.

London says he’s watching out for taxpayer money.

How much is Keith London
paying Evan Ross ?

from facebook , from a city council member

“On 10/3/18 I sponsored an ordinance in an effort to help London and Butler who run on “Truth” and “Transparency” stay true to their word. To help Lazarow and Dally remember that they promised to do what’s best for the city and not for their own self serving unethical and morally corrupt needs. The common denominator is Evan Ross who lobbies and runs campaigns and tried to extort me by trying to instill fear in me (that’s just one of his dirty tactics). Evan Ross and Scott Cowan run campaigns for all of the Hallandale commissioners sitting up pretending to serve you. The ordinance I sponsored would make the process cleaner. It puts a time limit on when the likes of Ross and Cowan can come before the city and lobby for their clients. It also would have mandated them to disclose how much they are being paid. The item failed for lack of support. So why do London, Lazarow, Butler and Dally not support an ordinance that is the first step to ending the pay-for-play or better fitting the cheat-to-win culture in Hallandale?!! Just some samples below of the people running your city.”

”  Traffic – no problem- pay London $51,000 and he will get the others in his pocket to VOTE YES. Ask Butler and Dally about developments they voted yes on during their short 2018 tenure. They are giving you a small taste of what you may expect for the next 4 years. And those of you living on SW 11th – you know that school you all spoke up against? Remember Mr. Sylanovski? He gave Ross’ PAC $3,000 to ensure the YES votes. None of you had a chance to get a NO voter from Dally, Butler, Lazarow and London. Commissioner Butler admitted to receiving campaign contributions from Sylanovski as well! It’s not a surprise they all voted no on cleaning up this corrupt process. If you vote for London, Butler or Dally- you will get what you vote for – more traffic, more development, more corruption, more pay for play, an under staffed fire department and expensive travel trips on your dime!  ”

Hallandale Beach mayor apologizes for degrading female commissioner.

Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London apologizes for the degrading sexist remarks he made toward Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub.

South Florida mayor mocks colleague, saying she makes money from ‘sphincter bleaching’

DISCLAIMER: Observations of the Circus that has become of Keith London’s City Hall. Not paid for by committee or politician.